We have been involved in an initiative of design for the adaptation of an establishment Dairy existing to the new and latest technologies in the milk making.

The customer produces a wide range of milk and derivatives, ALILEO FTC has been considered the ideal partner for their needs.

From a first cognitive phase we are speaking to ensure and reach the target exposed by the customer.

Mauro Matteazzi - Owner Alileo FTCLatte

We have a commercial initiative for the introduction into the African market with a high quality Italian coffee.

Our client is a manufacturer of high-end blends and felt ALILEO FTC likely to act as consultants for local research partners importation and distribution of its product.

Mauro Matteazzi - Owner Alileo FTC coffee

ALILEO FTC is engaged in technical advice for the development of a new production dairy.

Mauro Matteazzi - Owner Alileo FTC

Is online the new website ALILEO Food Technology Consulting with which Italian society of global consulting for the food industry presents its activities, tells her story, describes the wide range of services offered to customers and accomplishments.

An elegant showcase, created with style, meets design and the latest technology, while offering users the ability to enter immediately into direct contact with the company.

Mauro Matteazzi - Owner Alileo FTC