After fifteen years of living in developing technical solutions and managing the construction of technological systems in the field of Technology around the World, on March 22 - 2012, from an idea of Mr. Mauro was born ALILEO Food Technology Consulting.

The conformation company makes ALILEO FTC most suitable solution to the multiple demands and problems exposed by food producers and not only.

ALILEO FTC not only identifies himself as Consulting but can serve the customer and / or partners in the following steps related to the birth and development of an initiative concerning the world of food technology and its derivatives:

- technological systems design agri-food sector

- analysis of financial budget estimates

- systems design services

- architectural design

- project management

- providing turnkey installations

- service & maintenance

ALILEO FTC relies on the collaboration of international partners and is able to exhibit their skills in refrigeration at 360°.

In collaboration with VMG FRIGOTECNICA SRL we design and manufacture fiberglass AIRTECH Air Treatment Unit for utilities used for the treatment of high-impact indoor air hygiene and sanitation.

These particular loads are applied in the following areas: milk, meat and hospital.

We are able to meet the various demands of the food by the process technology industry to services.

Ask ALILEO Food Technology Consulting, we will respond to your request within any Food Technologies and trading technology.