ALILEO FTC advice for the construction of facilities used for the processing of milk and dairy products.

ALILEO FTC realizes studies for the realization of a cheese having the following stages of the production process:

- Receipt milk and its processing

- Storage systems and milk derivatives

- Salt for processing hard and soft cheeses

- Salt of smufatura drying and aging

- Laboratories packaging

- Picking

- Automated warehouses conditioned

- Maturing warehouses

In the dairy sector, the refrigeration facilities are used for milk cooling and conditioning of the cells, for the storage and preservation of the same milk, cream, butter, cheese and many other products.

The factories for the cheese are made ​​up of salt processing and storage of the final product. The product can be stored directly in special cold storage or shipped to distributors end.

The bacteriological contamination of the relevant parties to the processing of the product is one of many risks that milk and other dairy products may be exposed before coming to the shelves of the major distributors. 
In this context, ALILEO FTC pays particular attention to the risks associated with the use of technologies and cooling methods are not compatible with the health rules that normatizzano this sensitive area, where reliability, competence and common sense produce excellent results

Here are some applications:

- Storage facilities and ripening hard cheese

- Salt processing milk, cheese, whey

- Ripening and maturing soft cheeses

- CIP systems

- Systems for weight control and weight loss

- Tunnel abatement

- 0 ° C cells

- Cells low temperature - 25 ° C

- Automatic sanitization systems

- Ducted systems cleanable hygienic, high-impact

- Cells and cells BT 0 ° - 25 °