ALILEO FTC Slaughter and meat processing.

The most sensitive parameter relative apparatus SLAUGHTERING of beef is to keep intact the freshness and organoleptic characteristics of the product during the different phases of the process: slaughter, cooling, storage, processing, packaging, shipping and transportation.

In the preparation of a Concept ALILEO FTC   performs a feasibility analysis "CUSTOM".

Design production facilities where the freshness and hygiene of sites are combined with technological processes applied specific. We are able to deal with the ever more precise and selective advance in the food industry market.

Here are the processing plants and meat preservation that usually design and build:

- Technological equipment for meat preservation

- Processing plants slaughter and processing: process equipment and guide rails

- Salt meat processing

- Cold storage product

- Cells low temperature - 25 ° C

- Freezing tunnel and killing - 40 ° C

- Salt packaging

- Freezers plate to ammonia in blood and offal

- Machines offal recovery process

- Storage systems skins

- Machines for ozonation environments