Fruit and vegetables need a preservation that allows a constant maintenance of the status conditions organoleptic required upon storage of such products.

The product comes directly from the fruit crops and this is by undergoing a "shock organic": it is released from its natural environment to switch to a possible manufacturing and processing.

To keep these foods in ALILEO FTC design systems of the highest quality.

The fruit is a product of the earth that lives and breathes, it continues to live after harvesting consumes oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and organic substances in the atmosphere.

These phenomena with the names of perspiration, respiration and ripening, are the events that regulate the durability of plant products and condition their freshness.

The application of conservation technologies from fruit increased durability and maintenance, delaying the chemical behavior listed above.

Slowing down the chemical biological activities and then stretch over time the quality of the food, the purpose is that A LILEO FTC has reached perfectly through the realization of specific plant maintenance, through the use of modern equipment for the management of the atmosphere controlled. 

Plant fruit preservation:

- Controlled atmosphere

- 0 ° C cells

- For receiving juices

- Automatic air-conditioned warehouses

- Storage juices

- Salt processing transformation product

- Plant machinery process